Facebook Page For Your Business

How to Create a Popular Facebook Page for Your Business

How to Create a Popular Facebook Page for Your Business

Social media marketing is now a key component in just about every marketing strategy, and it is not going anywhere soon. Users love being able to interact with their favourite brands on social media.

And, out of all the social media platforms, Facebook is still the king. Despite being an older platform, Facebook boasts the vast majority of all social media users – and it’s estimated that around 1.71 billion users are active on a monthly basis.

That’s around 25% of the entire world population! And, best of all, 1.13 billion of these users are on Facebook every single day, spending an average of 50 minutes on the platform, according to The New York Times.

All this adds up to one fact – your business needs a Facebook page. Facebook users expect to be able to follow their favorite brands, and if you’re not on Facebook, you’re missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.

In this post, we will go over some basic techniques on how to create a popular Facebook page for your business, engage with your followers, and enjoy the benefits that social media marketing has to offer!

Let’s dive in.

  1. Set Up Your Facebook Business Page

The first step, naturally, is to create a Facebook Business page. It’s important to note that these pages are different to personal profiles. They have more features, and allow Facebook business users to access promotions, advertising, and business management tools.

It’s free to get started with a Facebook Business Page, so there’s no reason not to set one up.

After you’ve set up a Facebook page for your business, the first thing you should do is upload a branded profile picture (which will usually be your business logo) and cover image.

These visuals are, most likely, the first thing that a potential customer or follower will see when they click on your Facebook page.

If you already have the brand assets you need to create a profile picture and a cover photo, you can use a free tool like Canva to add a professionalism to your images.

However, if you feel like you lack design skills and don’t want to create these images yourself, you can use a service from a graphic designer who can create gorgeous cover photos and profile pictures for you.

Here’s a simple and elegant example of a Facebook Page cover photo from SquareSpace:

  1. Create And Optimize The Content On Your Page

After you’ve uploaded your cover image and added your business logo as a profile picture, your next step should be to create and optimize the content on your page.

Facebook allows you to create “vanity URLs”, and you should take advantage of this fact.

By default, your page URL will be something like “www.facebook.com/pages/Your-Business/8675309123?ref=ts”. However, once you reach 25 “likes”, you can change this URL and eliminate the numbers on the end. You should choose a URL that’s close to the name of your business – although there is a chance that URL will already be taken.

Here is what a custom URL looks like from Petbarn:

Next, you’re going to fill out quite a bit of information on your business page. There are fields for a variety of things, such as:

  • Name of your company
  • Mission statement
  • Address
  • Short description
  • Long description
  • Company overview
  • Founding date
  • Awards received
  • Products sold

Your goal should be to fill out each of these fields with accurate, keyword-optimized information. For example, if you sell health & fitness products, you should use the phrase “health & fitness products” when it’s appropriate in a given field.

You can also link to your official website within your Facebook page, and we recommend that you do so. This will allow users to quickly and easily view more information about your products and services.

The end goal of adding and optimizing this content is to make it crystal-clear what, exactly, your business offers.

Within seconds of seeing your page, the products and services you sell should be obvious – customers shouldn’t have to pore through dozens of pages or articles to figure it out. This will increase engagement, and ensure customers have all of the information they need to follow your page.

  1. Allow Reviews On Your Facebook Page

You have the option of allowing or disallowing reviews on your Facebook page. While it may be a bit scary, we recommend you allow reviews on your page.

Users can see them at the top right of your Facebook Page, like this example from F45 Training:

There are quite a few reasons for this. First, reviews are very helpful to users who want to make a buying decision. If they see that you have 4.4 stars on Facebook, they’re more likely to make a purchase, and trust the information that you’re sharing.

Second, reviews can generate fantastic user content, and allow you to respond to satisfied (or unhappy) customers alike – providing you with another way to engage with your followers.

Finally, reviews show up on search engine results in Google. If customers Google your business and find that your Facebook page has great reviews, they’re more likely to click through.

  1. Add Social Widgets To Your Website

Your website and Facebook page are tightly linked. By sharing great content on your website, you can increase the reach of your Facebook page – and vice versa.

Because of this, you should connect your Facebook page to your website wherever you can. If you’re using WordPress, there is an enormous selection of social sharing widgets that you can install.

Regardless of the method you choose to add social widgets to your website, you should make sure that your content can be shared directly to Facebook, and that the homepage of your site has a clear click through to your Facebook page.

  1. Promote Your Facebook Page Online

Alright, you’ve gone through the basic first steps of creating a page. Your page should now be professionally-crafted, optimized, and closely connected to your website. Now, it’s time to start promoting it and gaining more followers. Here’s how!

Invite friends and family to like your page. Your journey to success will probably start small. There’s nothing wrong with asking friends and family to like your Facebook page!

By sending the information about your new Facebook for Business page to your personal network, you can start gaining an audience immediately – and you can ask that audience to share your page with their network, which dramatically increases the reach of your Facebook page. Facebook makes this really easy for you with the click of a button:

Follow other related business pages. There’s nothing wrong with following the competition! In fact, following pages that are in your industry is a great way to get more followers – and there’s a chance you can even convince them to share information about your page, which can get you quite a few followers. You can quickly find related pages by using Facebook’s filtered search:

Promote your page to your email list. If you have an email list for marketing purposes, send out an email announcing your new Facebook page. You’re sure to get quite a bit of engagement, and boost your number of followers.

Consider using Facebook AdvertisingFacebook Advertising is powerful, affordable, and flexible. Using their built-in page promotion tool, you can set the gender, age, income, location, and interests of the users you want to target.

Best of all, you can set a strict advertising budget, so you can be sure that you won’t over-invest your hard earned dollars through Facebook page promotions.

  1. Promote Your Facebook Page on All Your Marketing Collateral

Promoting your Facebook page online is great – but you should also make it a point to include a link to your FB page on all your marketing collateral.

Consider adding your Facebook URL to things such as:

  • Product packaging
  • Business cards
  • Flyers and handouts
  • In-store/outside signage

You can also bring up your Facebook page with your customers, and offer them special deals for “liking” your page. For example, if you run a small clothing store, you can mention that “liking” your Facebook page will get them a 10% discount on their next purchase. That’s sure to turn heads, and get your current customers to engage with you on Facebook!

  1. Share Great Content And Engage With Your Followers

If you’ve reached this step, you probably have a fairly large, loyal follower base… But don’t just rest on your laurels! You should continue growing your follower base by sharing great content – both original and reposted – and interacting with your followers whenever possible.

By regularly sharing content, talking to your followers, and appearing active and engaged, you can earn truly loyal customers – and turn them into brand advocates. If you continue to manage your Facebook page effectively, the sky’s the limit!

Dollar Shave Club are famous for their content strategy, especially their videos on Facebook. Check out this example:

Follow These 7 Steps To Achieve Facebook Business Success!

Creating a Facebook Business page may seem intimidating, but it’s really quite easy to get started. The hard part is getting an audience and connecting with them – but with this simple, step-by-step guide, you can quickly and easily create a popular Facebook page, and engage with an audience of loyal customers.

So don’t wait! Facebook is a powerful advertising and marketing tool – and with this handy guide you’re sure to find success!